Principal's Welcome Message


In the Name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful

Dear Esteemed Colleagues, Respected Parents, and Students

I thank God who granted me the grace of serving the future generation who are hardworking and wise in this educational complex. I know that the path ahead is challenging and difficult, but the sweetness of serving the honest and pure young generation will pave the way.

I take an oath to God to consider students’ self-esteem and greatness. My colleagues and I won’t withhold any effort to promote the students’ morality and knowledge. What support my actions are the students’ will, teachers’ organized and purposeful planning and the scholarly supervision of the parents.

With the trust in Almighty Allah, and with the hope to my esteemed colleagues’ sagacious efforts, I hereby present the upcoming academic year planning to enhance the complex activeness and vividness.

Zahra Gili

Tehran International School Principal