Indoor facilities




Our library offers a wide range of reading materials for all ages. Our trained librarians are always ready to assist the student through using various strategies designed to enhance reading and research abilities. The books, references, and magazines available in our library are arranged in the Dewey Decimal system of classification. Students can find books in areas of geography, history, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, religion, science, amongst others


Students can also stay up-to-date with current events and knowledge by using World magazine such as Times, News Week, Reader Digest, National Geographic, and many more. Foreign and local newspaper is also available in the library for students use. Each student is issued a library card which is used to check out books


In our library you can find selections of some of the most up-to-date textbooks which are arranged in the Dewey Decimal System of Classification


Would you like to help your daughter read and study more? Our librarians can offer a wide range of reading material for all ages and would be glad to assist students with a number of useful strategies designed to hone their reading skills


The TIS also plans to launch its own digitalised library (currently under construction) and take out an annual subscription to Questia.com so that it can offer its students free access to this famous online library on the school premises

  Computer Lab/Internet Room


All computer-related classes, including Information Technology (IT), are held in the Internet rooms. They include a comprehensive collection of materials and resources for school-related utilities and information to which all teachers and students have access almost round the clock


Computer science program is an essential part of each school curriculum. Students learn various computer technologies throughout this program by using our up-to date laboratories. Students have access to internet, under supervision of our trained staff in the Internet- Site- Room in order to heighten and improve their skills. Computer history, word processing logo, Windows, word, power point, excel. Basic programming, Visual Basic 6.0, programming with structured basic and using information technology through their educational years, are what students learn in computer science courses, offered at THE TIS


  Audio-visual Centre


It serves as the hub of language instruction. Students can listen to the tutor’s dialect, recorded text, self-recordings, films, and playback features


Our audio visual lab is equipped with the latest technology and instructional audio-video materials. Our teachers use this facility in order to enhance student learning. Our centre is also facilitated with a large selection of audio-video instructional tapes which teachers and students can use in different areas of teaching and learning. This facility is also equipped with advanced equipment and computers to assist students in presentations. Instructional CD(s) can be prepared for students home use through this centre




Our laboratories are fully equipped for physics, chemistry, biology, computer, and language in order to facilitate the understanding of concepts through hand-on methods and techniques. Our lab staff helps students to begin to recognize the relationship between explanation and evidence in a safe and effective environment. After each lesson, students visit our laboratories and perform experiments to help them better understand learned concepts in small groups. Experienced staff at our laboratories facilitates each group with needed materials and oversee proper and safe methods of application for better understanding of theories learned in the classrooms


          § Physics Laboratory


Experiments carried out in the physics laboratory include: mechanics, light, electricity, nuclear, and heat. Mechanical experiments are themselves divided into: the Newton laws, weights, force, and energy. Light experiments are themselves divided into: mirrors, shades and shadows, plane mirrors, converse mirrors, lens, and microscope. Electricity experiments include: charges, magnets, movements, and magnets (permanent or electrical). Nuclear physics experiments are divided into half-life and ray measurement. Heat experiments include: horizontal  experiments and calorimeters


          § Chemistry Laboratory


The kind of chemistry experiments carried out here are as follows: organic/inorganic experiments (alkans, alkenes, alkynes, alcohols, ethers, aldehydes, kenton, esters, armines, amides, phynols, ), general chemistry (empirical formula of an element, titration), physical chemistry (chromatography), and thermo chemistry experiments


          § Biology Laboratory


It covers experiments in anatomy (digestive, transport, respiratory, urinogenital, and skeletal systems), ecology (communities & ecosystems, evolution, and classification), biochemistry (structure of simple bio-compounds and genetics) biophysics (ultra-sound and blood pressure), zoology (clamification and variations), and botany (photosynthesis and respiration)


  Health Office


Our health office provides all students with and experiences nurse who oversees all medical-related matters throughout school hours, this office also documents all vaccination and medical records in order to better assist the students. It also plans educational programs for students in order to raise their knowledge and awareness of various medical issues. Examinations will be performed upon arrival of students in elementary school to assure a healthy environment for all


Parents should provide our health office with any information regarding their child’s health status. All medications should also be reported to this office for safety purposes. Students are prohibited to carry medications with them while attending school. Our health office works directly with the school cafeteria to make sure that health and safety issues are followed


  Assembly Hall


Our Assembly Hall can comfortably hold up to 200 people during ceremonies and events. It is equipped with a sound system as well as ventilations to better serve the audience. Our assembly hall is also used during the examinations




Our cafeteria is ready to serve the students who wish to purchase their lunch or snack from school daily. They serve variety of hot and cold foods and snacks, under supervision of school health Department form 7:30 am to 2:30 pm


Students may make their purchases only during school breaks. There is a staff supervision during break and lunch time


Outdoor facilities


Playground, athletic activities, and PE programmes


We have a large playground equipped with such equipment and structures as seesaws, slides, etc, which are usually found on North American school premises. There is also ample space provided for the construction of an indoor pool already noted on school's building ground plans. The TIS is facilitated with a 1500 square metres of indoor gym as well as an outdoor basketball court. Physical Education classes are administered from pre-school through 12th grade in the gym. The indoor gym is designed for teaching and practising sports such as basketball, volleyball, handball, badminton, and a few more


Throughout the academic year, students participate in various sport competitions which are held in the above-mentioned gym. In our PE programme, students learn various skills as well as sportsmanship mottoes. Students are evaluated based on quality and application of learned skills at the end of each term. Under supervision of our qualified staff, students are also trained for annual international competitions which are held each year with participation of countries such as China, France, India, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, South Korea, and few other nations




Students at the TIS may use our transport service to and from school during the academic year. Students using school transport service must abide by the rules and regulations which have been set for their own safety. The school reserves the right of suspension of the transport service to those individuals who do not adhere to the standards and regulations thereof. The school ensures that every student registered for our transport service shall have an allocated seat. The school reserves the right to allocate collection and drop-off points to certain areas, streets, compounds, and multiple-entry buildings. Such distribution, if any, would be announced to the subscribers upon finalisation of the transport routes