Family Counselor

Family Counselor


Every student, regardless of age, race, or religion, deserves the opportunity to grow socially, experience the joy of playing with friends, and academically succeed. Unfortunately, disruptive class behavior, peer rejection, and social alienation can cause psychological difficulties which are reflected in poor academic performance, low self-esteem, and feelings of loneliness

Our office of family counseling is here to help any student who needs to talk about difficult issues and possible conflicts in their families and seeks advice about everyday problems as well as to assist parents in giving their children the best possible upbringing. Our family counselor helps children in difficult situations and offers counseling and advice for couples who wish to work on their relationship with their children, cases of problems between children and their parents, conflicts between home and target cultures, domestic violence, etc


Our family counseling programmes are pro-social, adaptive, appropriate, and developmental in their approach in meeting the various needs of our students whilst providing opportunities for appropriate social and emotional growth. It is our intention to help students attain maximum personal and academic development and positive self-esteem.


Possible services:


•   Life skills and counseling

•   Crisis intervention

•   Family counseling and mediation

•   Mental health

•   Teaching multicultural studies

•   Interacting with students


Students, parents, and/or teachers may schedule appointments by calling. Appointments are generally during the school day, but as necessary can be made to fit the schedules of the participants. Students and parents may also meet without an appointment on a drop in basis, but there is a chance that family counsellor will not be available, or there won't be enough time. This does work however, for less crucial situations or for answering quick questions.


Please feel free to contact the TIS family counselor, Ms Mirhabibi, throughout the year for assistance in any of the areas described above or additional needs that may arise.


We look forward to meeting you throughout the year!