Condolences on the martyrdom of Imam Ali (AS)

Condolences on the martyrdom  of Imam Ali (AS) to all lovers of Ahl-alBayte (AS).
????Imam Ali (AS) was a perfect human being and therefore he is the best role model for humanity and there is a lot of lessons in the life of Imam Ali (AS) has for human beings and if someone sets Ali (AS) as his role model and lives like him, his problems will be solved and certainly reaches true happiness.
????One of the lessons to be learned from the behavior of Imam Ali (as) is how Imam Ali (as) dealt with his killer Ibn Muljam.
????When the killer of Imam Ali (AS) was arrested,  Imam Ali (AS) recommends dealing with his killer, Ibn Muljam, in a fair and kind manner.
????We humans usually want to treat those who have harmed us the worst and take the hardest revenge on him, but Imam Ali (as) is not even willing to be the least cruel to his killer and says that if I survive, I will forgive him.
????This is a great lesson for all of us to strive to always be just and forgiving.
????The Holy Qur'an considers the forgiveness of the evils of others as one of the important characteristics of the pious who have a high position with Allah, and in this regard it says: (The pious are those who forgive the mistakes of the people. (Quran, 3, 134)
????Imam Ali (AS) says about his killer to Imam Hassan (AS): "O son, be patient with your captive and through compassion and mercy, do you not see how his eyes turn in fear and how his heart is anxious?
????Feed him (Ibn Muljam) from what you eat and drink from what you eat, so if I die, take revenge on him and kill him and do not cut off his hands, feet, ears, nose, or other limbs…
????If I survive, I myself know what to do with him and I deserve to be forgiven, because we are people who do not treat sinners in our own right, except with the forgiveness and kindness."
(Muntah al-Amal, vol. 1, p. 187)
????This is a lesson for us human beings that if someone does evil to us, we should forgive him and compensate his evil with goodness and treat him with kindness and goodness.