IBDP Coordinator Message

IBDP Coordinator Message

2022-2023 Academic Year


I believe that IB program at any school could only be successful if its members are hardworking, principled, understanding, caring, and open-mined; and I have found all these qualities in our own IB family at Tehran International School.

I want to congratulate the seniors of the “2022” graduating class who completed the requirements of the full diploma and have successfully been awarded the IB Diploma with total cohort average of 35.27/45 while the world Average is 31.98.

May God grant us the courage to take responsibility for our own actions, be able to assess and understand our strengths and limitations in order to support with achieving our learning goals and personal development.

May God also grant us the courage to speak and act when we are called upon to be God's hands in the world.

Finally, May God grant us the unity that can heal our wounds and divisions, and the preservation of our souls and bodies as we continue to contend with injustice and evil, and for the truth that shall set us free.

I hope we all have a great year. I am always available to support you and reply to your concerns & queries. Online sessions have made us even closer; we are just a click away!

Stay focused. Especially you seniors!!

Heartiest Wishes Always & Forever!

                                                                     Nasrin Barootchi